Jessica Bradham in Drug Rehab
March 9, 2018

Exclusive Rehab: Where Professional Athletes Go for Addiction Help

Professional athletes exert themselves in their sport and it can take a toll on their body. Unfortunately, some of these athletes turn to drugs to help alleviate the pain of their injury and need a drug rehab to overcome their addiction.


Executive Rehab Helping Clients Maintain Their Careers During Addiction Treatment

Recovery from addiction is a necessary part of overcoming drugs and alcohol and with the right treatment program like an executive rehab, this can be achieved.


Sober for the Rest of My Life.

When I got to Narconon Ojai I was at an all time low. I know with complete certainty that I am going to make it and I’m going to be sober the rest of my life. Thank you for believing in my and pushing me when I wanted to give up.


Karen in Drug Rehab
February 22, 2016

We Celebrate 50 Years of Healing Addicted Lives

On February 19, 2016, the international Narconon network took a moment to celebrate fifty years of saving lives. Starting from a single rehab center in Los Angeles, the Narconon network now comprises more than forty centers on six continents.


Sue Birkenshaw in Addiction
November 14, 2015

How to Help Someone Who is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

One of the most frustrating things is to find a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol and not know how to help them. Very seldom is the addict reaching for help or even willing to admit they have a problem.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Rehab
November 10, 2015

A Unique Approach to Drug Rehabilitation

Deep down, every addict wants to leave addiction behind and get off drugs for good. Many people who arrive at a Narconon center state they don’t want to be considered an addict for life, living each day fighting the urge to use again. They are looking for a way out of the trap—once and for all.