Sober for the Rest of My Life.

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When I got to Narconon Ojai I was at an all time low. Despite what I thought, I soon realized once the drugs wore off what a complete mess I was. I looked terrible, I was angry, talked to the staff nasty and was just such an unpleasant person to be around. I had no control over my own stuff so I tried to control everything that was going to happen with my program, or at least I thought I was. Ha!

Slowly I started to change in the sauna and not just physically feeling better but mentally and emotionally. I stopped fighting to control, let the Case Supervisor do her job and finally let someone else control the show. My life became simple and I became happy.

I felt so good after the sauna, free of all the crud I put in my body and like a million bucks. I then began the Objectives course and did extremely thorough training drills which gave me so much knowledge and a new appreciation of patience. I have never laughed, like really laughed, in years. Those laughs here are a better high than any drug I have ever done and I will always have those awesome memories.

I have the tools to confront anything and know who I should have in my life. Everyone here at Narconon Ojai has played such a key role in the person I am today, so sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I know with complete certainty that I am going to make it and I’m going to be sober the rest of my life. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me when I wanted to give up.

P.F. Narconon Ojai graduate


Sue Birkenshaw

Sue has worked in the addiction field with the Narconon network for three decades. She has developed and administered drug prevention programs worldwide and worked with numerous drug rehabilitation centers over the years. Sue is also a fine artist and painter, who enjoys traveling the world which continues to provide unlimited inspiration for her work. You can follow Sue on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.