Jessica Bradham

Jessica is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician with a desire to help others find real solutions to the ever-growing problems associated with addiction.

Jessica Bradham in Illicit drugs
March 21, 2018

Alcohol: It’s Legal, But Is It Safe?

Alcohol has been used and normalized in just about every country, state, city and town around the world and different areas have different uses for alcohol in their culture. Some might use alcohol to represent a religious belief, while others use it to kill off bacteria.


Jessica Bradham in Drug Rehab
March 9, 2018

Exclusive Rehab: Where Professional Athletes Go for Addiction Help

Professional athletes exert themselves in their sport and it can take a toll on their body. Unfortunately, some of these athletes turn to drugs to help alleviate the pain of their injury and need a drug rehab to overcome their addiction.


Executive Rehab Helping Clients Maintain Their Careers During Addiction Treatment

Recovery from addiction is a necessary part of overcoming drugs and alcohol and with the right treatment program like an executive rehab, this can be achieved.


Jessica Bradham in Addiction
February 27, 2018

Could Your Career Path Put You at Risk of Developing Addiction?

Stress is a part of life and it occurs frequently in certain careers. It is important to help minimize it in order to refrain from developing an addiction problem.


Jessica Bradham in Drug Rehab
December 13, 2017

5 Luxurious Perks of Exclusive Addiction Rehabs

When an individual is suffering from drug abuse or addiction problems, the primary focus should always be to aid them in recovering by getting them into drug rehab.


Jessica Bradham in Addiction recovery
December 6, 2017

Why Addiction Treatment Should Be Different for Executives

Anyone who has ever worked in any sort of business environment would readily agree that executives have intense, challenging, and demanding jobs and lifestyles. They are expected to overcome all manner of obstacles on a day-to-day basis and successfully run tight control on employees and projects without fail…


Jessica Bradham in Sobriety
December 4, 2017

Sobriety Improving the Quality of Work Life for Recovering Executives

One could conclude that since there are individuals who occasionally enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or take an aspirin for a toothache without suffering any long-term dependence or compulsion issues, not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol becomes addicted to these substances.


Jessica Bradham in Addiction
November 29, 2017

Guide to Overcoming Addiction Triggers When You’re in a Leadership Position

Remaining sober is one of the hardest things for an addict as the fear of a relapse is always looming, but there are several tricks you can do to help avoid these triggers.


Jessica Bradham in Addiction
November 27, 2017

Executives: Should You Tell Your Employees about Your Addiction?

Addiction is a problem that can affect anyone and in the business sector, it is important for executives to inform others so they can help ensure you don’t let things fall by the wayside. Additionally, they may then feel comfortable about coming forward regarding their own struggles.


Jessica Bradham in Drug Abuse
October 30, 2017

Help For Families: What to Do When the Head of the Household Is Addicted

While addiction doesn’t mix well with anyone, addiction and parents can be particularly distressing to deal with, especially when the addicted parent is the primary income provider. Fortunately, there are things that family members can do when the head of the household is addicted.