How Does COVID-19 Effect Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

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It’s doubtful there has been any time in our most recent history that has seen as much uncertainty and turmoil as we have experienced today with the year starting off with a Global Pandemic. 

Drug and alcohol use is up in increasingly drastic numbers. Isolation at an all-time high. Businesses in turmoil and families who have nowhere to turn when a loved one falls victim to the false sense of security found in drugs or alcohol. 

In the middle of a sweeping “shut down” from the world around you, it’s hard to believe that there is any hope for real help for those suffering from the trap that pushes them further into inactivity. But there is good news: we are here and we can help.

Here at Narconon Ojai, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you or your loved one overcome addiction for good. The unique Narconon program offers unprecedented results. At Narconon Ojai, our facility provides the stability and comfort needed to help individuals free themselves from addiction and start on the path of rebuilding their lives without drugs or alcohol. Our caring and professional staff are there to help every step of the way throughout the Narconon program.

In fact, during this time period, we have never wavered in our duty to provide a safe environment for those seeking to free themselves from addiction. With heightened protocols in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have continued to assist new students and successfully graduate those who go through our program week to week with continued success. 

As in any other “Essential Place of Work”, we follow standard and strict COVID-19 practices and protocol to ensure you or your loved one continues to receive the best possible care in addition to our exclusive facility at 20,000 square feet, servicing only six clients at any given time. Your safety and comfort is always our top priority. 

If there was ever a time to come and receive treatment for a full rehabilitation due to alcohol or drug abuse, rest assured that now is, as always, a perfect time to arrive. Counselors are standing by to take your call today. 


Jessica Bradham

Jessica is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician with a desire to help others find real solutions to the ever-growing problems associated with addiction.