5 Luxurious Perks of Exclusive Addiction Rehabs

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When an individual is suffering from drug abuse or addiction problems, the primary focus should always be to aid them in recovering by getting them into drug rehab. That said, there are many different types of drug rehab, including both short-term drug rehab and long-term drug rehab. The choice one makes should not be based exclusively on a couple of points, such as convenient location and affordable program, but rather should be based on whether the program is most suited to help the individual overcome their drug addiction problems and establish the firm foundation for a sober, successful future. This is where long-term rehab centers, and specifically exclusive addiction rehabs, really shine.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Recovery from drug abuse or addiction is not some magical process wherein the individual abstains from drug use for a period of time and is suddenly “cured.” In order for an individual to truly overcome their drug abuse and addiction problems, they will need to take an honest look at all of the physical, mental and emotional causes and effects of their drug use, take responsibility for their past choices and push through the challenges of establishing a drug-free future. Exclusive addiction rehabs can provide some luxurious perks that help to make this process smoother and more manageable. Some of these perks include:

  1. Smaller staff-to-patient ratios. Rather than being lumped together in a group of individuals who are all struggling with their own addiction recovery challenges, the individual who attends exclusive addiction rehab will experience more one-on-one care. This is actually a critical component to a full and lasting recovery, as it helps the individual to speak with caring, supportive staff whenever they feel they need or want to.
  2. Specialized treatment programs. Because they operate with their own budgets and resources, exclusive addiction rehabs tend to have more specialized treatment programs than those that are available through state-run facilities, and they also tend to have more highly-trained, experienced and caring staff. Individuals who are seeking treatment at these rehabs receive care that is specific to their own needs and desires, which can further aid them in achieving a smooth recovery.
  3. High-end amenities. Traditional rehab facilities tend to stick to the basics, providing just those exact things they feel their clients need in order to recover from drug abuse or addiction. However, exclusive addiction rehabs understand that high-end amenities, like gourmet meals, state-of-the-art gym, recreational activities, and more can actually contribute to the individual’s stable recovery.
  4. Exclusive location. Traditional rehabs that are located in sterile settings in hospitals and other institutional facilities can contribute to the social stigma connected to addiction and rehab and thereby increase the individual’s stress and discomfort. Exclusive addiction rehabs, however, tend to be resort-like in appearance and location, which helps promote comfort, relaxation, and full recovery.
  5. Privacy. While no recovering individual wants it broadly announced that they are attending addiction rehab, some high-profile individuals find it even more important to protect their image and reputation while resolving drug abuse and addiction as it can have an adverse effect on their career should their troubles with drugs become public knowledge. Furthermore, when an individual’s participation in drug rehab is known about, he may feel like the “clock is ticking” and as though he is pressured to quickly complete his program—which is not conducive to a full, thorough recovery. Exclusive addiction rehab can provide the privacy they need far more thoroughly than traditional rehabs.

At the end of the day, exclusive addiction rehabs can make the individual feel more comfortable as they work toward full recovery from drug abuse and addiction, and this means they are more likely to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and a successful future. For more information about exclusive addiction rehab, contact Narconon Ojai today.


Jessica Bradham

Jessica is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician with a desire to help others find real solutions to the ever-growing problems associated with addiction.