Adrian Heredia in Opioids
April 14, 2019

Life Changing

We are honored to announce another graduate completing the Narconon Program. We have seen the transformation right in front of our eyes and we are so excited for her to begin her journey.


Karen in Drug information
December 4, 2016

Out-of-Control Opioid Prescribing Turns into a Direct Path to Heroin

Changes in the drug market catch some people off guard and tempt them to use a drug they think will not hurt them. But when painkillers were overprescribed and heroin suddenly became available in every corner of the U.S., this changed everything.


Karen in Drug Abuse
November 26, 2016

America’s Libraries: Family Havens or Shooting Rooms for the Addicted?

For nearly three hundred years, America’s libraries have been locations for study, research, and entertainment for both adults and children. But now, rampant drug abuse threatens to make these safe havens a little less safe.


Karen in Addiction
September 19, 2016

The Staggering Risk of Heroin Addiction & Why Addicts Can’t Choose Sobriety

Right now, being addicted to heroin is far more dangerous than it ever has been. A heroin user has always risked his life but with new opioids on the market, the risks are greater. Why can’t the addicted person choose sobriety?


Karen in Drug Abuse
September 4, 2016

Would You Trust Your Drug Dealer with Your Life?

There are certain people you have to trust to protect your life – your airline pilot, your surgeon, the person who teaches you to skydive and a few others. The person selling illicit drugs should not be one of them.