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Narconon Ojai Graduate with Staff
Narconon Ojai Graduate with Staff

We are honored to announce another graduate completing the Narconon Program. We have seen the transformation right in front of our eyes and we are so excited for her to begin her journey. This is but the beginning of her new adventure—she has the rest of her life ahead of her. Now that she is armed with the tools to handle what comes her way, we expect to hear about the victories of her battles.

We hope this success story brings inspires and shows that help is possible.

“Coming into this program, I was going to be overconfident, or, I’d sell myself short as of what I would or could accomplish. But I’m very proud of what I’ve overcome. After the detoxification, I do know there are many things to come—past and or present, simple and hard. What I can say is I already feel like a new, better person. The color in my skin is back, my skin is so soft and probably the nicest it’s been. Working construction, I usually have rough hands, so that’s a big win. Anyway, I’m thankful and grateful for what has happened and is to come.

“Doing this course (Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life) definitely opened my eyes and very much helped me see and understand who can be good or bad for me in my life. I never looked at it from this perspective before so that’s cool. I’m grateful for that knowledge and I definitely will apply this and my other courses in my drug-free life.

“Going over my conditions in life and finding out which condition I’m in—let alone having a “plan” to apply the conditions—has made me feel even better as I know how I’m going to make things right, not only for myself but for others too!

“It was hard, satisfying, life-changing work
and I’m so happy I came here.”

“I’m so thankful and happy for all the benefits I’ve gotten from being at Narconon Ojai. I feel healthy. I look great. I feel amazing. It was hard, satisfying, life-changing work and I’m so happy I came here.”


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Narconon is a long-term, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that has been in existence for over 50 years, with facilities throughout the US and abroad. The program’s unique approach starting with a drug-free withdrawal, full detoxification program, and life skills allows the person to fully recover. The length of the program is individualized and is not based on a set amount of time. Rather, the individual can work on the underlying issues at his own pace in a secure, safe environment with built-in support systems.

The average length of the program is 10 weeks. While we offer all the tools the individual will need to lead a drug and alcohol-free life, it is ultimately up to the individual to apply what he has learned. Therefore, we also offer an after-care program to further the support system the individual has and to ensure he has every available opportunity for success.

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Our facility, located in Ojai California, is the only premier Narconon which is tailored to meet the needs of personalized care. Here are some features of our property:

  • Maximum of 6 students at a time making it private and personalized care.
  • Chefs that cook organic meals three times a day with prepared foods that accommodate all dietary needs.
  • A 20,000 Sq Ft property, overlooking 40 acres of open, mountainous land with a panoramic view of Ventura County.
  • One-on-one care and attention from technical and administrative staff for students’ needs.
  • A distraction-free environment to remove all barriers to students getting through the trials of addiction.

Adrian Heredia

Adrian is a native of Ventura County and has resided in the area for over 40 years. He has had a passion to help his community and people in need with a tremendous amount of volunteer hours to various betterment groups and non-profit organizations. Adrian has a personal drive to work with and assist individuals with drug addiction. His extensive background and personal experience in this area makes Adrian a great asset to the Narconon Ojai Team. Adrian has been entrusted with establishing and ensuring the organization’s viability and success by maintaining the standards set by local, state and federal governing bodies. He is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician and works to protect the center with his security team and his sidekick Apollo (the Drug Dog.) He spends his free time volunteering, coaching and playing soccer in Ventura County leagues. Other pastimes include snowboarding, mountain biking and jet skiing.