Rehab for Execs, Artists and Athletes

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People who lose everything to addiction are not always scruffy, poorly-dressed individuals living on the margins of society. Wealthy, high profile individuals may also fall to this problem. Actually, those who have achieved business success and wealth have so much more to lose when addiction begins to sap their spirits and abilities. It may be harder to feel sympathy for the successful and wealthy because they may have so much that we don’t have, but the fact is that they deserve just as much support as anyone else.

When a famous athlete or actor or musician reveals a struggle with drugs or alcohol, some of us have muttered to ourselves, “Oh, please. What problems do these guys have? Give me a break!” We may forget that they are human like us, subject to similar problems in life. They are not impervious to the stresses of life and, in fact, suffer more stress than many of us because they have large spheres of influence in business, sports or the arts.

Imagine a world without music, movies, professional sports or large, prospering corporations. Those who succeed in these highly competitive—even cutthroat—industries are under enormous pressure. Sure, like anyone else, they deserve to suffer penalties for their bad choices and harmful actions. But also like anyone else, they deserve to get help and support as they seek a return to sobriety and responsibility.

The Professional Athlete

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When an athlete reaches the level of professional sports, he (or she) is supporting dozens, maybe hundreds of people. There’s his own extended family—the other members of his team, and the administrators and executives over the team. Because of the expectations of the millions of fans of his professional team, he supports the hopes of everyone in the community who wants the team to reach the playoffs and beyond.

Most of us are not built for that kind of pressure. Each player is not just expected to make it onto the field but to excel, day after day, year after year, no matter what injuries or personal problems might come up.

After an injury, there’s pressure from all sides to get back onto the field as soon as possible and play through the pain. If there’s a divorce or personal disappointment, there’s no way to take time off to cope with it. Is it any wonder that so many players learn to rely on medications that enable them to continue to perform? If the trainer hands them painkillers for half-healed injuries, they may tell themselves, “Well, maybe these painkillers are not so bad if they help me play today so I don’t get cut from the team.” Or, “Maybe this performance-enhancing drug will help me keep going for the fans, for the team, for my legacy.”

Families, trainers, team managers, and even agents contribute to this pressure: “Do what you have to do to get back in the action!” It’s not surprising that some people buckle. If they do, there should be somewhere particularly discreet and away from the public eye where they can recover. That is the special role of Narconon Ojai. But it’s not just for athletes, it’s also perfect for the artist and successful executive.

The Artist

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History is filled with musicians, painters, writers, actors who suffered, overcame failure after failure, but finally lost everything to a bottle or a needle. These days, we hear about too many great artists who lost their success or even their lives to their addictions. Exploitation and attacks by the media add to the stress to continue to produce their work at any cost.

These artists have families, agents, and fans, many are tied to record labels or movie studios and, like athletes, they are expected to perform, no matter what. These pressures have led many to rely on drugs and alcohol, as well as medications so readily handed out by cooperative doctors just so they can get back on stage or create “another masterpiece.” These drugs take their toll until finally, there are no more calls for work. Critics announce the end of their careers. National magazines label them “has-beens.” For these individuals too, there must be somewhere they can go to get help and start afresh.

The Executive

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One executive could hold the fate of tens of thousands of people in his hands. If he oversees the operations of a multi-national corporation, employees and shareholders alike are relying on him (or her) to keep steering the company towards success.

This person fought, sweated and labored for years to get to his current position of authority and success. He’s now challenged every day to stay at that level. He may be revered by those around him. He may be challenged by a constant round of business and social events where alcohol flows like water, marijuana use is commonplace and there are pills available for the asking.

Like the successful athlete and artist, the executive needs a special environment in which the staff understands the pressures that brought him to this point.

Where Can They Go for Help?

These individuals need a recovery facility that is secluded and private, where they can get away from the media and life’s pressures and focus on recovery. Narconon Ojai is that place. Our facility, located in the mountains above Ojai, California, is the only premier Narconon facility—one that is tailored to meet the needs of such personalities. Here are some features of our property:

  • No more than six clients (actually, we call them students here) at a time in our private rehab offering personalized care.
  • Two gourmet chefs preparing three amazing meals each day, who can also accommodate special dietary needs.
  • Luxurious surroundings and amenities on a 42-acre property with a panoramic view of Ventura County and the Pacific Ocean.
  • One-on-one care and attention from technical and administrative staff for each student’s needs.
  • A distraction-free environment to eliminate any barriers to recovery.
  •  A fifty-year history of program success and a beautiful, supporting setting make this the ideal location for recovery.

If you or someone you know needs help, call us today. A consultant is standing by to help you with the first step.

Narconon Ojai
Narconon Ojai—Interiors
Narconon Ojai—Interiors
Narconon Ojai—Interiors

Adrian Heredia

Adrian is a native of Ventura County and has resided in the area for over 40 years. He has had a passion to help his community and people in need with a tremendous amount of volunteer hours to various betterment groups and non-profit organizations. Adrian has a personal drive to work with and assist individuals with drug addiction. His extensive background and personal experience in this area makes Adrian a great asset to the Narconon Ojai Team. Adrian has been entrusted with establishing and ensuring the organization’s viability and success by maintaining the standards set by local, state and federal governing bodies. He is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician and works to protect the center with his security team and his sidekick Apollo (the Drug Dog.) He spends his free time volunteering, coaching and playing soccer in Ventura County leagues. Other pastimes include snowboarding, mountain biking and jet skiing.