Adrian Heredia in Alcohol Abuse
June 13, 2019

Alcohol & Benzos—Withdrawal That Might Kill You

Many people are surprised to learn that in most cases withdraw from opiates, cocaine, meth, and ecstasy are not fatal and do not require a medical detox. There are two drugs that require professional medical help when withdrawing from as withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening.


Jessica Bradham in Sobriety
December 4, 2017

Sobriety Improving the Quality of Work Life for Recovering Executives

One could conclude that since there are individuals who occasionally enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or take an aspirin for a toothache without suffering any long-term dependence or compulsion issues, not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol becomes addicted to these substances.


Jessica Bradham in Drug Abuse
October 30, 2017

Help For Families: What to Do When the Head of the Household Is Addicted

While addiction doesn’t mix well with anyone, addiction and parents can be particularly distressing to deal with, especially when the addicted parent is the primary income provider. Fortunately, there are things that family members can do when the head of the household is addicted.


Jessica Bradham in Drug Abuse
October 23, 2017

The Stress of Leadership: What to Do When it Causes Addiction in Executives

Drug addiction and abuse is a growing problem today and a concern with business executives as the stress of their job can lead to substance abuse issues.


Jessica Bradham in Addiction
October 9, 2017

Executive Burnout: How to Safeguard Against Addiction Relapse

Overcoming addiction can be achieved but maintaining that recovery can prove difficult for some, especially executives. It is important to have the tools necessary to avoid an addiction relapse.