Sue Birkenshaw in Life Skills
February 12, 2017

Life Skills: Easing a Person’s Return to a Sober Life

Lack of skills to deal with life situations often leads a person to alcohol or drug use. A return to a productive and sober life requires building those life skills that were missing before.


Sue Birkenshaw in Addiction recovery
November 23, 2016

So You’re “In Recovery” – But What IS it?

One of the subjects covered in a recent U.S. Surgeon General report is the nature of recovery itself. Does it mean different things to different people or is there a consensus?


Sue Birkenshaw in Alcohol Abuse
November 21, 2016

Staying Sober in a Culture of Alcohol

Alcohol is even more prevalent today with more lenient laws on availability and more promotion than ever. How does one seeking sobriety survive in today’s world?


Sue Birkenshaw in Sobriety
August 31, 2016

5 Signs You Have Left Addiction Behind

How do you know when you have stably recovered from addiction? There are a few signs that indicate you have moved on and are able to put it behind you.


Sue Birkenshaw in Sobriety
November 20, 2015

Trending Now—Clean and sober

Despite the headlines about the heroin epidemic or the widespread marijuana use, there is another trend happening these days. Sobriety and drug-free living is gaining in popularity and getting more and more exposure.