Karen in Drug Rehab
May 26, 2016

How to Recover from Addiction without Drugs

As soon as an addicted person arrives at Narconon Ojai, it will be clear to him that this experience is going to be different from any other rehab he may have been to. The program at Narconon Ojai focuses on rehabilitating the individual so no drugs are needing during or after the rehab program.


Sue Birkenshaw in Sobriety
November 20, 2015

Trending Now—Clean and sober

Despite the headlines about the heroin epidemic or the widespread marijuana use, there is another trend happening these days. Sobriety and drug-free living is gaining in popularity and getting more and more exposure.


Sue Birkenshaw in Sobriety
November 18, 2015

How to Have Fun without Drugs or Alcohol

If you have never used drugs or alcohol, you’ve probably developed a lifestyle and group of friends which aligns with that. But if you have recently quit using drugs or alcohol (or are trying to quit), it can be hard to find a group and activities that don’t involve them.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Rehab
November 10, 2015

A Unique Approach to Drug Rehabilitation

Deep down, every addict wants to leave addiction behind and get off drugs for good. Many people who arrive at a Narconon center state they don’t want to be considered an addict for life, living each day fighting the urge to use again. They are looking for a way out of the trap—once and for all.