Administrative Director

Adrian Heredia, RADT

Administrative Director, Adrian Heredia, RADT
Administrative Director, Adrian Heredia, RADT

Adrian is a native of Ventura County and has resided in the area for more than 40 years. Adrian has been entrusted with ensuring the organization’s viability and success by maintaining the standards set by local, state and federal governing bodies.

Adrian has always had a passion to help his community and people in need. As a result, before he came to Narconon Ojai, he contributed an enormous number of volunteer hours to various betterment groups and non-profit organizations in the community.

At Narconon Ojai, Adrian is now able to pursue his personal motivation to assist individuals suffering from drug addiction. His extensive background and personal experience in this area make Adrian a great asset to the Narconon Ojai Team.

In addition to acting as the Administrative Direction, Adrian is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician and works with the security team and his sidekick Apollo the Drug Detection Dog to keep the center and Narconon clients safe.

He spends his free time volunteering and coaching and playing soccer in Ventura County leagues. Other pastimes include snowboarding, mountain biking and
jet skiing.