World-Class Facilities

On Every Continent

Drug and alcohol addiction is a global problem requiring a global solution. Narconon centers worldwide are rising to meet the challenge with the international central facility in the United States, new model continental centers, a center especially for artists and leaders, and dozens of regional and local centers.

Narconon Arrowhead

To make all aspects of the Narconon program widely available, Narconon’s leading drug rehabilitation and international training center, Narconon Arrowhead, opened in 2001. Situated on 250 acres of woodland in southeastern Oklahoma, it is the world’s largest facility of its kind and offers Narconon drug rehabilitation and training of drug rehab professionals.

In 2015, Narconon launched the next major advance in its mission: model Continental Narconon centers. Each provides the Narconon drug rehabilitation program alongside training and apprenticing of drug rehab specialists for that region. Each is architecturally unique and representative of its geographic zone, while delivering the uniformly workable Narconon program.