Executive Director

Fabian Padro

Executive Director, Fabian Padro, RADT
Executive Director, Fabian Padro

The Executive Director of the Narconon drug rehab center in Ojai, California is Fabian Padro.

Fabian was educated in Business Management at the University of St. Petersburg, Florida and International Business at the University of Tampa.

Fabian has observed first hand the wreckage and heartache drugs cause both addicted individuals and their families. He believes that every addicted person should have access to effective rehabilitation. In his daily work, he is driven by his passion to help students overcome their addictions by achieving 100 percent of the gains and results possible from the Narconon rehab program.

His experience and knowledge enable him to coordinate every aspect of operations at this center, ensuring every student receives the best possible results.

He strongly believes in Narconon’s results-based treatment and it’s his personal conviction that this program is second to none. Fabian’s leadership, intensity and passion to free others from drug addiction helps him guide the staff of Narconon Ojai.