Drugs and Creativity

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There is some false information that has been spread through word of mouth and unfortunately by some famous artists. This is that drugs induce or assist in creative thought when trying to create on your art. Drugs can create all sorts of delusions and unusual sensory perceptions as they interrupt the signals. That is what they do technically. The idea that it helps in creativity, however, is just not true. Every person has an innate creative ability that nothing and no one can take away. Only you can enhance and create what you want.

Unfortunately, some people in the limelight have erroneously credited some of their success to drug use. Drugs have a way of shutting off sensations and distorting reality which may appear to give you some sort of creative “boost” but in fact, they actually scramble memories and thoughts. Drugs and alcohol turn off pain and sensations; they suppress your feelings and, in the long run, your creative ability becomes less and less.

We all know too well what can happen to artists who use drugs to enhance their “creativity.” Unfortunately, their tragic stories hit the headlines on a consistent basis.

Regaining Your True Creativity

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Becoming drug-free is the best way one can reclaim one’s true creativity. You can restore that original creativity and create at will. It all begins with getting off the harmful and deadly drugs one has been taking.

The Narconon program addresses the physical and mental aspects of addiction without the use of any substitute drugs. It starts with a drug-free withdrawal which uses nutrition and special techniques to assist and ease the pain and discomfort associated with coming off drugs or alcohol.

Step 2 New Life Detox

Next, comes the New Life Detoxification. This part of the program comes from the discovery that drugs and toxic residues can stay trapped in the body (primarily in the fatty tissues), and can have adverse effects even long after one has stopped using drugs. It consists of a combination of vitamins, nutrition, exercise and sweating in a dry-heat sauna to expel the drugs and toxins. It is carefully monitored by a specialist with proper hydration and nutrition in mind. The procedure breaks up and flushes out the toxins and drugs that have remained in the body.

Ask any Narconon graduate about the New Life Detox and they’ll tell you they sweated out the drugs that were locked in their system and that they achieved more energy, vitality, and clarity.

How to Get Help

We are dedicated to assisting individuals who want to break the chains of addiction. Contact us if you or someone you know needs guidance. We have a consultant standing by. Call us today.


Adrian Heredia

Adrian is a native of Ventura County and has resided in the area for over 40 years. He has had a passion to help his community and people in need with a tremendous amount of volunteer hours to various betterment groups and non-profit organizations. Adrian has a personal drive to work with and assist individuals with drug addiction. His extensive background and personal experience in this area makes Adrian a great asset to the Narconon Ojai Team. Adrian has been entrusted with establishing and ensuring the organization’s viability and success by maintaining the standards set by local, state and federal governing bodies. He is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician and works to protect the center with his security team and his sidekick Apollo (the Drug Dog.) He spends his free time volunteering, coaching and playing soccer in Ventura County leagues. Other pastimes include snowboarding, mountain biking and jet skiing.