Fabian Padro in Youth Drug Use
April 24, 2023

Five Key Factors Why Kids Use Drugs

As parents and caregivers, it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and healthy. However, one of the greatest threats to our children’s well-being is drug addiction. Despite our best efforts, kids are at risk of becoming addicted to drugs, and it is important that we understand why.


Ren in Youth Drug Use
November 11, 2021

Debunking Stimulant Abuse for “Improved College Performance”

Years have gone by and the myth of prescription stimulant use for “improved college performance“ still exists among college students seeking to boost their test scores. Finally, there is enough scientific data on the real effects of misusing prescription stimulants to firmly indicate what really happens when college students experiment with these drugs.


Roger in Youth Drug Use
August 12, 2020

The Increased Harm of Marijuana Use During One's Youth

As more states continue to pass legislation allowing marijuana use in one context or another, young people are increasingly given the idea that "If marijuana is legal, it must be safe!" This couldn't be further from the truth. Marijuana carries a long list of harms, dangers, and risks for young people.


Fabian Padro in Youth Drug Use
June 11, 2020

Manufacturing Internal Change

Reflect, if you will, on the person you were as a teenager. Who was your first crush? What ideals did you cling to? What fallacies do you invest your belief in? These are the years so many emphatically refer to as the ’blunder years’, when we all made many regrettable choices.


Sue Birkenshaw in Youth Drug Use
June 9, 2017

Does Giving Your Kids Every Advantage Protect Them from Drug Abuse?

Recent study shows that the pressure and demands that privileged kids face may lead them to be more susceptible to drug abuse.


Sue Birkenshaw in Youth Drug Use
May 15, 2017

Recognizing Drug Abuse Could Be a Parent’s Stiffest Challenge

It may not be easy to accept that your may child is using drugs, the intitial denial is a natural reaction. Yet a parent needs to learn the signs and be able to face the issue.


Karen Hadley in Youth Drug Use
October 1, 2016

Are We Failing Our Kids with Insufficient Drug Prevention?

A typical parent has great hopes and dreams for their children and they work hard to help their kids grow up to be successful. A new survey reveals that today’s kids are not getting the message that success mean being drug-free.