One Year Later, I’m Still Sober and Joined the Fight of Helping Others


January 15, 2020, I started my journey for sobriety, about 6 months before actually checking into rehab #1. I was mad at the world; I had isolated myself completely from my family and friends. Starting fires whenever I had the opportunity to and screwing anyone over to get my fix, I was an ugly human being drowning in my demons.

Beaten down, broken, hopeless, angry, lost, confused, sad, frustrated, scared, and all the energy of a negative spirit brought me to my knees and pushed me to seek help.

I went through three treatment centers, determined to get it right each time. “Please, God, put me back together with a little bit of sanity and peace of mind.” I started to lose hope of getting real help. The rehab world can be an ugly game. Being placed on meds from these rehabs gave me the illusion I was happy and healthy.

Then March 3, 2021, came, “Third time’s a charm; I’m here now at a place called Narconon. Today’s finally a new day… but I've said that before. I wonder what will change this time.”

Exhausted by what the world had to offer an addict like me, I continued to put my faith in God and the Narconon program and did the drug-free withdrawal (which was a lot less traumatic than I thought it would be). When I came in, I was scared and doubted myself. With the help of the staff, I felt better each day and started to conquer my fears and insecurities. Before I knew it, I was ready to start the New Life Detox step of the program.

Prior to starting the New Life detox, I felt depleted of energy, uninspired and uncertain of my future. Each day, with the help of the Narconon Ojai staff, I was able to pick up speed on the treadmill and sort through what I was going through mentally and emotionally. During my time in the sauna, I was able to figure out my thoughts and make sense of them. This gave me the ability to move through negative emotions and, at some point, start thinking clearer, more positive and productive thoughts, which started to transcend into healthier decisions and goals. I no longer dwell on the “what ifs,” and I realize the choices I make determine my destiny.

With the Objective course “Wow!” There was a point that I got to when I felt frustrated and drained and started to question why I was here and what the meaning of all this meant. But then it shifted, and I worked through all of the questions and concerns with my twin. After each process, I felt like myself. The understanding and the meaning of who I was and who I wanted to be became clear. I became motivated, more aware, calm, comfortable and in control.

Doing the Overcoming Ups & Down Course allowed me to take a look at not only myself but the people around me. I learned about what characteristics I wanted to change about myself and what characteristics to look for in others that may be harmful to me. The course taught me how to trust my instincts and how to “read the room.” I wasn’t worried about stepping into the real world as I once was. This course showed me why my awareness should be the number one priority.

After doing the Personal Values courses to address myself and the people in my life, I realized the amount of damage I caused myself and others I loved and cared for and the position I put myself in society.

All the courses allowed me to confront my transgressions so that when I graduated the program, I was able to grow and learn from the life experiences I went through and I will continue to do so for any new ones that may come my way. To act in a way that has improved my survival and the survival of others around me made me feel strong, confident and clear-minded.

I’m not wondering what’s going to happen next anymore because I now have complete control over my thoughts, and with God on my side, I can walk on the path to my destiny.

“Fast forward one year later and I’m still sober and joined the fight of helping others handle their addiction by getting my Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coordinator certificate and I’m back in school getting my license in respiratory therapy.”

Fast forward one year later, and I’m still sober and joined the fight of helping others handle their addiction by obtaining my Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coordinator certificate, and I’m back in school getting my license in respiratory therapy.

I see the world brighter now, my relationships stronger than ever, and my will to live my best life restored! I feel like I’m in a different world. All my senses tell me that I can be someone great, and I appreciate with all my heart the staff and students of Narconon who helped create the person I am today.

Jacqueline C., Narconon Ojai Graduate


Fabian Padro

Narconon Ojai, the premier Narconon center in the United States, is led by Fabian Padro, AS, RADT. After starting a career in International Business and earning an Associates Degree, Fabian changed course and has now dedicated his life to helping those trapped in the downward spiral of addiction.