Narconon saved my son’s life!

Dawna with her son
Dawna with her son.

My son didn’t start out life in trouble. Growing up in Southern California, we tried to give our son lots of opportunities. Before drugs, my son was a happy kid who liked to be around people. But once he hit his teenage years, we started having problems.

One of the first things that indicated there was something wrong was that my son became irritable, angry and withdrawn from the family. My relationship with my son became very difficult and stressful. I didn’t know how to help him. He became angry at everyone and blamed everyone for his bad “luck.”

The hardest part about dealing with an addicted child is trying not to enable them. I didn’t believe that I was enabling him but I couldn’t figure out what to do. I did not know how to help him see that there was a better way for his life. We struggled with this for years, trying everything that we could think of to find a way to help him.

A friend whose brother did the program referred us to the Narconon and we got in touch with them. We chose Narconon because we felt confident after talking to the staff that they could help our son. I was very impressed with the way the staff stayed involved and really cared about my son from the start! That’s what stands out the most for me.

In order to get him to agree to go to treatment, we had to do an intervention. Once David arrived at Narconon and began the program, the staff kept him going all the way no matter what came up for David. They were great! They truly cared about helping our son and getting him sober. Their encouragement got him to finish the program.

I attended his graduation. How different my son was from when he started! The biggest change I saw was that my son had let go of all his anger at us and the world and accepted his situation. He had a brand new way of looking at this future.

I was so happy to see my son working hard to stay sober. It was wonderful to see all the support and care that the staff provided for our son.

After completing the Narconon program, my son is independent for the first time and building a stable future. We have a better relationship because he is not angry all of the time. He is busy working and he has become more responsible for his life. He has his driver’s license back and has bought himself a car. He has become more independent and is not constantly calling me in a panic.

“I am so thankful that I made the choice to send my son to Narconon. I wanted him to be happy and fulfilled and now he is.”

I am so thankful that I made the choice to send my son to Narconon. I wanted him to be happy and fulfilled and now he is. To any parents who are looking for help for their addicted child, it is not easy. Find the strength to make them get help, but don’t give up!

—Dawna B., Mother of Narconon Graduate


Fabian Padro

Narconon Ojai, the premier Narconon center in the United States, is led by Fabian Padro, AS, RADT. After starting a career in International Business and earning an Associates Degree, Fabian changed course and has now dedicated his life to helping those trapped in the downward spiral of addiction.