Success In Their Own Words ̶ Before & After Narconon Ojai

Evan D., before and after Narconon Ojai
Evan D. before and after Narconon Ojai

This program did more than just increase my chances of survival, it saved my life. I came in kicking and screaming my head full of psych meds and my body toxified.

“The Narconon program gave me my life and body back 100%.”

The Narconon program gave me my life and body back 100%. The program helped me clean my body of toxins and the objectives gave me my mind back. The fastest way I can say what this program did for me is, I didn’t think my life was worth living, but now after the Narconon program I love myself, and I love my life.

I would never do anything to poison my mind, body, or soul again.

Evan D.,

Narconon Ojai
Narconon Ojai

Our facility, located in Ojai California, is the premier Narconon center which is tailored to meet the needs of personalized care. Here are some features of our property:

  • Maximum of 6 students at a time making it private and personalized care.
  • A chef that cooks organic meals, three times a day with prepared foods that accommodate all dietary needs
  • 20,000 square foot property, overlooking 40 acres of open mountainous land for a panoramic view of Ventura County.
  • One-on-one care and attention from technical and administrative staff for students' needs.
  • A distraction-free environment to remove all barriers to students getting through the trials of addiction.


Sachi loves to help others and has been working in and with L. Ron Hubbard Social Betterment programs for 11 years. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.