Five Steps to a Successful Intervention 

5 steps

Addiction can be a difficult and challenging experience not just for the person suffering from it but also for their loved ones. An intervention is one of the most effective ways to help someone struggling with addiction.

When doing an intervention, it’s important to have the treatment already lined up before doing the intervention. Once the person agrees to get help, the person should be routed directly to treatment.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an intervention for a loved one suffering from addiction.

Step 1: Gather a team of loved ones. The first step in conducting an intervention is to gather a team of loved ones who are willing to participate. This team should include close family members, friends, and anyone who the individual trusts and respects. It’s important that everyone on the team is on the same page and is determined to help the person.

Step 2: Research and plan. The next step is to research and plan the intervention. This includes gathering information about the individual’s addiction, contacting a professional interventionist, and deciding on a time and place for the intervention.

Step 3: Practice and prepare. Once the team is assembled, it is important to practice and prepare for the intervention. This includes rehearsing what each team member will say, preparing emotional support for everyone involved, and reviewing the plan with the interventionist.

intervention meeting

Step 4: Hold the intervention. On the day of the intervention, the team should gather at the predetermined location and follow the plan that has been established. The interventionist will guide the team through the process, and each member will have an opportunity to express their concerns and feelings.

Step 5: Follow up and support. After the intervention, it is important to follow up and provide ongoing support for the individual. This may include helping them find treatment options, taking them to treatment, and being a source of emotional support as they work toward recovery.

Interventions can be a powerful tool in helping someone struggling with addiction. With proper planning and support, you can help your loved one take the first step toward recovery.


Fabian Padro

Narconon Ojai, the premier Narconon center in the United States, is led by Fabian Padro, AS, RADT. After starting a career in International Business and earning an Associates Degree, Fabian changed course and has now dedicated his life to helping those trapped in the downward spiral of addiction.